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Perfume: Essence of Seduction

January 4, 2015



The history of perfume is as old as the human being exists, as speaking about paradise; you imagine a luxuriant garden, full of scenting flowers.

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The most expensive artworks in pictures

March 14, 2014

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893


 The Card Players is a series of fivel paintings during Cézanne's final period in 1890s by Paul Cézanne. The version of The Card Players sold in 2011 to the Royal Family of Qatar for a price variously estimated at between $250 million ...

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ART AND POWER (Part one) by Guifré Pastó

March 11, 2014

arte y poder 1 Guifré 

One of the main features of art is the fact that it is the reflection of the innermost aspects of man; the artist, based on the more emotional side of man, creates a reflection of the world, a sensible interpretation, a work that, in turn, is capable of generating an emotional response in others...

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Pau Casals:Music for the Peace

March 5, 2014



"Music, this marvellous universal language, would have to be a source of communication between all people"

" My contribution to peace may be small, but at least I will have given all I can to an ideal I hold sacred"

Pau Casals

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The Story of Fabergé Easter Eggs and the Russian Imperial Court

March 2, 2014



The legendary jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé, goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court, was able to take advantage of his extraordinary moment in time through to craft fine jewels and rare objects that still remember today the passions and the feeling of a lost world. 

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Eroticism at the carnival of Venice

February 19, 2014

foto 8


Honouring its announced date, the Carnival of Venice will be once again this year (from February 22nd to March 4th) a symbol of luxury for this mundane party. For 20 years the Carnivals have captured the attention of Italians and Europeans as events that should not to be missed.

By Elia Requena

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Diamonds love Antwerp

February 1, 2014



The story of Antwerp as the diamond central of the world is a long and fascinating one, too long to be able to tell it in full, but too amazing to not tell it at all. .

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Surrealism, by Guifré Pastó .

December 23, 2013


Surrealism, of which the first figure that comes to mind is that of Salvador Dalí, was a movement that encompassed painting, along with literature, poetry and photography....

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September 29, 2013

portada 3

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The Dream of a King

August 24, 2013


  "I wish to remain an eternal enigma to myself and to others." Ludwig II King of Bavaria.

One of Ludwig's most quoted sayings was "I wish to remain an eternal enigma to myself and to others."

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27th Festival Castell de Peralada

July 19, 2013



 The historic Castell de Peralada (IX Century), in the Catalonian Ampurdan, becomes an incomparable setting for hosting one of the most prestigious musical events of the year.

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D-Brilliant Cut. A Unique Masterpiece

June 30, 2013

882685_10151804593543154_1258819543_o.jpg 650

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Guifré Pastó : The Neo-romanticism

June 23, 2013

His vision of the world is based on a genuine respect for nature in each and every one of its aspects and therefore it is, the central axis, of his work. It recreates in his oil paintings the moments when the contemplation of nature evoke the interior and the soul.

Sin título

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