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Perfume: Essence of Seduction

January 4, 2015



The history of perfume is as old as the human being exists, as speaking about paradise; you imagine a luxuriant garden, full of scenting flowers.

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Tiffany’s, a brilliant story

December 11, 2014


Truman Capote wrote "Breakfast at Tiffany's" best-selling novel. It's been over 50 years since Audrey Hepburn take breakfast at Tiffany's, "the best place in the world, where nothing bad can happen", thought before the window every morning watched fascinated.


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Pronovias; 50 years dressing dreams

May 22, 2014

pronovias expo 50 años

Pronovias is a family business that has its origin in '‘El Suizo’', a prestigious Barcelona store specialized in lace, embroidery and silk fabrics with high quality in 1922. Girls High Catalan society wanted her wedding dress were made there.

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Brigitte Bardot and Buzios…tudo bem!

May 21, 2014



She arrived in Buzios, in love with a playboy who then ended up in the background, as Brigitte succumbed to the magic of the tranquil fishing village which in turn was dazzled by the French diva.

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D-Brilliant Cut. A Unique Masterpiece

October 31, 2013


To obtain a cut  as perfect as the D-Brilliant Cut, many centuries have had to pass since one started cutting the rough diamonds  to turn them into spectacular jewels.

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F. P. Journe : The performance of time

September 29, 2013



El precio de un reloj de lujo es relativo, ya que hay diferentes factores que influyen en su valor monetario. Algunos de estos valores son incuestionables, como la calidad y cantidad de los materiales utilizados para su fabricación, los mecanismos de la más o menos complicados 

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Lady In Red

August 21, 2013



Red is a colour with a lot of personality and a unique power. When mixed with fashion and a woman's sensuality it forms an explosive cocktail which leaves a trail wherever it goes.

by Elia Requena

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Diana: Legacy of a Princess

August 9, 2013



...Like a candle in the wind

From the time Princess Diana came on the scene, marrying Prince Charles in the most watched wedding in the world in 1981, nothing would be the same. Beautiful to see and much younger than her royal husband, Diana was a hard to act to follow. She wore her lavish gowns well and stole the show with her great looks.

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Marilyn forever

August 5, 2013

Marilyn-Monroe 650

 (Juny 1,1926-August 5,1962)

“I always knew that fame was fickle,” said Marilyn towards the end of her life, “everything that is beautiful is nothing more than a short, delicious dream.”

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Qatar Launches “Qela”, Its Very Own Luxury Fashion Line.

August 2, 2013



Qatar takes one step forward in the world of luxury fashion. After the acquisition of part of the capital of LVMH, the redemption of the House of Valentino and the French brand of leather articles; Le Tanneur, the Emirate is preparing to launch, in September, their very own brand of clothing and luxury accessories through Qatar Luxury Group Company

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Kate Middleton and Prince William : Proud new parents!

July 22, 2013



Kate Middleton gave birth yesterday afternoon to her first born child with Prince William of England, a boy who has been named George Alexander Louis , third in line to the throne.

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It’s Bridal Time !

July 17, 2013

We went for a walk along the Fashion Shows  and these have been some of the details that we have seen in the collections of Brides autumn-winter 2013-2014.

Pronovias Gaudí

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D-Brilliant Cut. A Unique Masterpiece

June 30, 2013

882685_10151804593543154_1258819543_o.jpg 650

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“Hong Dong” the world’s most expensive dog

June 17, 2013

$1.5 million . A red coloured Tibetan Mastiff, a breed which in China, is synonymous of both "status" and “exclusivity”.

perro rojo 2

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