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Lady In Red

August 21, 2013

Red is a colour with a lot of personality and a unique power. When mixed with fashion and a woman’s sensuality it forms an explosive cocktail which leaves a trail wherever it goes.


This colour associated with love and passion is always in fashion, but there are very few who dare to wear it even though it suits both blondes and brunettes. In the fashion world it is an iconic and distinguishing colour. Whatever the occasion, day or night, going for red is always a hit. For autumn/winter 2014 all of the great designers have opted for it, used amongst blues, greens and blacks, but with a consistent presence of the very glamorous red. Red is definitely the star colour. For daywear it’s used in coats, dresses and accessories and for night in beautiful evening gowns, combined with shoes and bags in black, gold and red…..above all red!

Red calls for a woman who is sure of herself and who isn’t afraid to be the centre of attention.

There are clear examples of this among the Jet Set and of course, celebrities at red carpet events or in any worldwide galas.

Nocole Kidman de Balenciaga

Nicole Kidman  (Balenciaga)


 Jenifer Aniston,  Oscar´s Gala , wonderful in red !

Jennifer Lawrence de Kalvin Klein

Jennifer Lawrence  (Valentino)

Gama de rojos y naranjas. Michelle Williams y Emma Stone.

Michele Williams o Emma Stone in different tonalities of red.

Sandra de Vera wanng

Sandra Bullock in the Oscar´s Gala , dressed in  Vera Wang

Kate winslet de ben lesi

Kate Winslet dressed in Ben Lesi

Catherine Zeta-Jones de versace

Catherine Zeta- Jones dressed in Versace “atelier “

Anne Hathway de valentino

 Anne Hathway dressed in Valentino

One of the princesses who has opted for red in all its varieties is, without a doubt, H.R.H. Princess of Asturias, Lady Letizia. She caused a sensation when seen dressed in this colour, in a Lorenzo Caprile number, a week before tying the knot with Prince Philip, at the wedding of Prince Frederik of Denmark and Mary Donaldson.

u2004051500 001

Lady Letizia looked absolutely radiant in her red dress and totally outshone all the other guests at the event.

It was after this moment that a large part of royalty began to “lose” their fear of red.

Lady Letizia never doubts in choosing it and can frequently be seen dressed in this colour, in galas, official engagements or in her day to day life.

1 (1)

During a reception with a gorgeous Lorenzo Caprile design.

Máxima of Holland at the dinner before her coronation also dared to use this colour.


pic (1) Princess Victoria of Sweden with an elegant red dress.


SS.MM. Kings of Sweden.

The elegant designer, Valentino, is said to be the one who created the first eye catching red dress (known as Valentino Red), and who last year launched one of the most glamorous and fascinating fragrances for women the world over: Valentina.

From the first day that this genius got a tall, slim model to walk the catwalk wrapped up in an intense red “total look”, this colour always makes an appearance throughout the different seasons. This autumn/winter is one of them and it’s red all the way. Accessories, bags, shoes, trousers, tops and jackets. And what can we say about the red dress, apart from, it’s an absolute must!

The wonderful thing about red is that almost all women can carry it off. It makes them more vibrant, powerful, energetic, positive and even more charismatic. The only women who have more trouble carrying it off are those with slightly blue-tinged skin colouring. Red can unbalance their colouring and drain them, but all other skin types can wear it with pride, and immerse themselves in the feelings of power it creates.


The Italian designer has made “poppy” his signature colour. He himself tells the story that one evening in the Lyceum Theatre all the women were wearing black, bar one lady sat in a box seat who was dressed in red. It was from up this moment that he developed his love affair with this daring colour, which he includes in all of his fashion collections and is without a doubt his calling card.




Elie Saab , Paris  2013 – 14, Fashion Week  

elie saab anticipo en 2012

Marchesa in Nueva york


Zuhair Murad 



The boldness and luxury of his designs have meant that Lebanese , Zuhair Murad has consolidated his place in the world of haute couture as a master in dressing women with opulence.

His creations are truly outstanding, not only for the way in which they are made with such detail but also for the exquisite finishes which turn them into true odes to great taste.

His dresses are a mixture of mastery and Parisian subtlety with the opulence of rich Oriental colours, creating a final spectacular result.

They are complemented with glossy jewel detailing, exquisite and original embroidery. These designs have become firm favourites among princesses, models, actresses and singers.

His portfolio counts on clients such as Princess Rania of Jordan, Jennifer López, Adriana Karembeu, Kylie Minogue, Beyoncé, Eva Longoria and Shakira, among others who never go un-noticed when wearing the marvelous creations of this designer.

 Hannibal Laguna

14- Hannibal laguna vestido-largo-rojo-con-escote-en-uve-y-cinturon-negro

Patricia Avendaño


Giambattista Valli




The famous red soles of designer Christian Louboutin are unmistakable. After winning various lawsuits against other fashion designers he has achieved his goal of branding them as a registered trademark. This such detail on the soles of shoes was used in the era of Luis XIV and was understood to be a symbol of distinction. Louboutin decided to begin to use it when one day one of his designs, which had been inspired by Pop Art, lacked something to impress him and he saw his secretary painting her nails. Without thinking twice he grabbed her nail polish and painted the soles of them red. Since then, in the fashion world, scarlet on the soles of his shoes has been known as his unmistakable calling card.


Apart from that the red tone comes together well with almost all of the colour spectrum. It has a never-ending love affair with pink, blue, black and white on every imaginable scale.

Wear it on the days you know are going to be difficult and exhausting. Wear it to that meeting with your boss, at that moment when you know you don’t want to fell intimidated and if you want to feel extra powerful paint your lips a vibrant red and leave the rest of your make-up light. Make sure your skin is covered with with a good base and use a good coating of mascara on your eye lashes, leaving them long and luscious, no eye shadow and no eye liner is needed to complete the look.




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